Monday, May 20, 2013

Taking Print Candy printing/mixed media class online

I had been hearing about Gelli plates everywhere and saw this artist offering online class. Have started the class and really love it.  For first class, we made our own print block with lino cutting.  I haven't done that since highschool, but really enjoyed it. 

I printed out an image I liked (having flipped it via printing software).  I then traced a rough outline onto the Speedy-Cut material.  You can use carbon paper or just rub a soft-lead pencil across the back of image to be able to do the transfer.

I had a Speedball Lino Cutter and carefully cut out the image.
Once I inked it to test it out to be sure I liked it,
it looked like this...

I then used it
to make this tag...

It was fun to try this out.  However, I own lots and lots of stamps that I have purchased through the years, so don't really see myself getting into lino cutting.  That being said, it is always good to know you can make your own custom image if you don't have an appropriate image on hand.

The next class involves monoprinting with Gelli Plate from Gelli Arts.  I did not have a Gelli plate, so made a gelatin plate via directions from this excellent printing artist...

I have already tried it and liked it so much, that I went ahead and bought a Gelli plate from my local scrapbooking store.  The advantage of the Gelli plate is that it does not have to be stored in fridge and will last much longer than a gelatin one.  I will be posting what I made with the gelatin and the Gelli plate for my next post.

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