Monday, August 12, 2013

Claudine Hellmuth's online Technique Toolbox class

I haven't been able to do much creating lately, but have fortunately been able to follow along with Claudine Hellmuth's online class, Technique Toolbox.  Well worth the money, she provides a cute little recipe box to make along with all the techniques for each week in easy to print recipe card format.  The purpose of the class is not necessarily to have a finished project each day, but to give each technique a try and have that idea handy for the future when inspired to make something.  Guest artists provide some gorgeous examples using the featured technique, and Claudine Hellmuth does a instructional video for each day.  Also, the class is through which allows the student access to log in long after class is over to refresh your memory on what was taught.  The classes were 1 daily for five weeks!  Can't beat the price and all the great ideas that will spark future creativity.