Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102 Industrial tag

This is my technique tag for the Industrial technique.  Awesome looking technique, but hard to photograph.  I have a detail closeup adjusted somewhat for the glare.

Really loved trying this one out.

I also had some small tags left over from a project I did before where I embossed tag and applied alcohol inks to give a metal look.  I took one of them and tried this technique over that to see what would happen.  Comparison shot below shows tag on left has this Industrial technique over alcohol inks and the one on the right is the original just embossed and alcohol inks applied.  I really am liking the one on left better as it looks even cooler and more like an aged metal. 

Hope to be getting to try day 2 techniques as in real time we are actually on day 3 already!  Lots and lots to learn and try out.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow you have done a great job on this technique. I will try this one tomorrow.

  2. Love the colorizing and the layering of the embossed surfaces.