Sunday, January 24, 2016

A quick box decoration

For Christmas, my step-mother's church had small boxes to fill to be given away as a thoughtful gesture to workers in the community. The church supplied the boxes, which were supposed to be decorated, filled, and returned to be distributed.

I did a diecut in a pearlized paper, topped it with an oval diecut to which I had adheared some silver metal-looking stickers that are on a vellum paper. In the picture, the vellum appears white, but IRL it was really see-thru once mounted to the paper. I used a metal sticker for the silver lines on either side of the center which extends around the corners of the box. At each end of the metal sticker, I used a silver plastic self-stick cobachon.

The back looked like this:

And each side had the same silver Christmas tree sticker applied:

Thought it was a pretty and quick way to add something to an otherwise plain, red box.

A fun project and worthwhile one that hopefully made some people smile at Christmas time.

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